Romulan Race


Even though a war had been fought between Earth and the Romulans in Era 1, and the Vulcans knew who the Romulans were, very little was known about their species to the galaxy at large.

Although Romulans are descended from the same ancestors as Vulcans, they are surprisingly different both physiologically and culturally. Romulan ribosomes apparently do not match those of humans or, surprisingly, Vulcans – but can match those of Klingons (with whom they can interbreed), suggesting that there may yet be things about this species unknown to Federation scientists.

Culturally, the race believes in discarding genetically or physically inferior infants. Romulans are focused on achieving reunification with the Vulcans on their own terms, and have been since at least Era 1. Secondarily, they are interested in conquering the galaxy to ensure their own safety. They view the Federation as exploitative and shortsighted. They often favor cautious approaches to problems – throughout their long history of war Romulans have rarely attacked first, opting instead to test their enemies’ resolve. Their interest in other species is normally limited only to how they threaten Romulan security, or could further Romulan interests.

The Romulan Senate works directly with the Tal Shiar – the Romulan military secret service – although it is questionable whether the Tal Shiar or the Senate is in control of the Romulan Star Empire at any given point in history. Many ordinary Romulans have horror stories about the Tal Shiar. They learn quickly to be secretive and not to volunteer information.

As a rule, the Romulans claim to have invented every technological breakthrough before any other culture. In many cases, it seems, they may be correct.

Homeworld: Romulus.

Example Names: Tokath, Bochra, Decius, Hiren, Orum, Suran, Valdore, and Xerius

Romulan Species Traits

+2 Wisdom, +2 Strength -2 Charisma. Romulans are an emotional and crafty people, but they often come across as smug or arrogant, and few people trust them

Medium-size: As Medium-size creatures Romulans have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.

Romulans base speed is 30 feet.

+2 species bonus to cooperative skill checks. This bonus is added to the base +2 for a successful cooperative skill check as well as the initial skill check. Trained from birth to devote themselves to the Romulan state, Romulans work well in organizations and while under stress.

+2 species bonus to Diplomacy and Perception checks. Romulan society is encouraged to watch their fellow citizens for signs of disloyalty, Tal Shiar agents infiltrate all tiers of society, individuals keep an eye on neighbors, and sub-commanders routinely inform on superior officers.

Bonus feat: Influence. Romulans concern themselves with the glory of the empire.

Automatic Language: Romulan.

Romulan Race

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