Klingon Race


Klingons are a warlike humanoid species with dark skin and deeply crenellated foreheads. They have a genetic predisposition to hostility and a well-known streak of fatalism. Their culture’s warrior ethic runs so deep that rivals in civil war can meet and drink as equal fighters for periods of time before or after battles, thanks to the Capitol City’s neutrality. During these get-togethers, a great deal of growling, wrestling, snarling and generally loud revelry takes place. Klingons seeming to derive tremendous satisfaction from drinking with their enemies on the night before a battle. They prefer to eat raw meat, seasoned more strongly than humans prefer. They find the human tradition of “burning their meat” to be somewhat repulsive.

In the traditional sense, the Klingon people hold honor above life – although as with any culture, high-level politics and personal gain get in the way. Among Klingons, lower-ranked officers consider it a duty to kill off a superior who is perceived as weak. They believe that a true warrior fights to the death and would rather be killed than taken hostage – an act which brings dishonor on himself and his family for three generations. Warriors and their families are responsible for each other’s actions. A challenge to clear a family’s name ends in death if unsuccessful.

Klingons believe that death is an experience best shared. One who falls in the line of duty earns a place among the honored dead. One of the most honorable deaths is a kamikaze-like suicide that takes an enemy’s life with it. Viewed through their Spartan perspective, illness (especially terminal) is not honorable. A Klingon is not supposed to faint, at least as an adult, a bias that leads to a lack of both research and sympathy for such patients.

Klingons usually mate for life, celebrated with a solemn Oath of Union, most often in private, rather than in a public ceremony like human marriages. Nonetheless, male chauvinism is much more pronounced in mainstream Klingon society than among humans, and women cannot sit on the High Council. Moreover, a couple can divorce simply by stating that the marriage is ended.

Homeworld: Q’onoS (Kronos, Kling, Klingon Homeworld).

Example Names: Klingons use family names (such as Duras and Dok’Marr), but just as often, a Klingon will identify himself through his lineage (Worf son of Mogh). Male Klingon names include Kor, Kang, Koloth, Gorkon, Chang, Ch’Pok, Morag, and Rodek. Female Klingon names include Azetbur, B’Etor, Lursa, Doran, Karana, Miral, Valkris, and Sirella

Klingon Species Traits

+2 Strength and Constitution, -2 Wisdom and Charisma. Klingons are strong and hardy, but they are often foolhardy. Their warlike manner makes them difficult for other species to get along with.

Medium-size: As medium-size creatures, Klingons have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.

Klingon base speed is 30 feet.

Proficient with Klingon weapons. All Klingons learn to use the weapons traditional to their culture.

Brak’lul: This is the Klingon term for organ redundancy. When a Klingon fails a Fort save to avoid long-term damage, he or she is allowed another saving throw that will occur 1d6 x 10 rounds at the same DC (provided that he is still alive). If the second saving throw succeeds, Klingon brak’lul has bypassed the effect, and the damage is removed.

Klingon Ferocity: When a Klingon’s ferocity is triggered, he temporarily gains +4 Strength, +2 vitality points per level, and a +2 ferocity bonus on Fortitude and Will saves, but suffers a -4 to Defense. This ability costs 1 Action point, and lasts for as many rounds as the Klingon has levels. After it is spent, the Klingon is considered “Winded” for half the rounds it was used. Klingons have short temper and are quick to fight.

War-like: Klingons gain a +1 racial bonus to their attack roles.

Non-Intellectual: Klingons have a -1 racial penalty to all Intelligence-based skill checks.

Code of Honor: Among Klingons, honor is as important as life itself. A Klingon gains a +4 bonus to any Will save that, if failed, would cause dishonor. If a Klingon is dishonored, he suffers a -2 penalty to defense until his honor is restored. It is the Game Master’s responsibility to arbitrate a Klingon character’s Code of Honor.

Non-Augmented Klingons do not receive the usual Reputation bonus’s afforded by their species.

Automatic Languages: Klingon. Klingons may take Linguacode (Standard), Orion, and Romulan as bonus languages.

Level Adjustment: 1.

Altered Klingons

In the year 2154, the Klingons gained access to the genetic material of Human Augments and tried to adapt this genetic engineering to improve themselves. An unanticipated side effect was that the Augment DNA caused the characteristic Klingon cranial ridges to dissolve.

The test subjects did gain increased strength and intelligence, but then their neural pathways started to degrade and they died in agony. One of the subjects suffered from the Levodian flu, which was modified by the Augment DNA to become a fatal, airborne, mutagenic plague that spread rampantly among the Empire, from world to world. In the first stage of this plague, Klingons lost the ridges on their foreheads and began to look more Human.

With the help of a Klingon scientist named Antaak, Dr. Phlox of the Earth starship Enterprise was able to formulate a cure that halted the genetic effects of the virus in the first stage. This retained the changes in appearance along with some minor neural re-ordering. The neural ordering caused changes in the emotional make up of the Klingons. For example, the infected started to feel fear. Even though the infected did not develop any stage-two characteristics, such as enhanced strength, speed, or endurance they did not die from it. This left millions of Klingons changed. These alterations were even passed on to their children.

The Altered Klingons effectively run the Klingon empire at this time, though there is a growing ammount of Klingon colonies who do not possess the Augmented DNA are typically living on the fringes of the Empire and receive little support. The Altered Klingons are identical to the ones above, except for the following slight differencs:

Altered Klingons Species Tratis

+2 bonus to Strength and Constitution and a -2 penalty to Charisma.

They do not gain the benefits of Brak’lul.

They do not have the same Code of Honor as other Klingons.

They do not gain Klingon Ferocity.

They do gain War-like and Non-Intellectual and are familiar with all forms of Klingon weaponry.

They have a Level Adjustment of 0.

Klingon Race

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