Human Race


Humans (Homo sapiens) were one of two known spacefaring intelligent species to have originated from the planet Earth (the other was the Voth). As the Latin word for their homeworld was “Terra”, Humans were sometimes referred to as “Terrans”. (This usage was consistent in the mirror universe.) Occasionally the term Terran was used to distinguish Humans living on Earth from those resident on colonies on other planets and moons. Some people used the adjective “Terran” to refer to subjects or institutions associated with Humanity (Terran cuisine, Terran literature, Terran art, etc).A founding member of the United Federation of Planets, Humans of Earth became warp-capable in 2063, which was the same year they experienced first official contact with an alien species, the Vulcans.

By the 24th century, Human society had changed from what it was for most of recorded history. On Earth, hunger, war, disease, famine, and poverty had largely been eliminated. The acquisition of wealth was no longer the primary driving force in the lives of many Humans. A great deal of emphasis was placed on the importance of continued societal and self-growth. Thanks to the non-currency based New World Economy and the development of replicators, material needs were largely satisfied. Although money was no longer used by Humans within the Federation, they did use gold-pressed latinum and other forms of currency (such as Bajoran litas and credits) in places where it was still needed, such as Quark’s. The idea behind not using money being that Humans work to better themselves and the rest of Humanity (see Human philosophy). (DS9: “Necessary Evil”, “In the Cards”; Star Trek: First Contact)

It must be noted that all of this more specifically applies to Humans within the Sol system, as many Earth colonies are known to have developed vast cultural differences from other Humans and some have even fallen into chaos.

Homeworld: (Primarily) Earth, although many human colonies and settlements exist throughout the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.

Example Names: Any normal human name you can imagine

Human Species Traits

Medium-size: As medium-size creatures, Humans have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.

Humans base speed is 30 feet.

+2 to any Stat

+1 Bonus Feat

+1 Skill point per level, +4 on level 1

Humans are considered to be part of a broad spectrum, this allows them not to be considered part of any affiliation. As such, they are not hindered by their race when confronted with a Reputation check as other races are.

Human Race

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